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Geological Definitions

AA Flow - Basaltic lava flows that IS rubble-like or with broken lava blocks called clinker. This Hawaiian technical geological term aa flow came from Clarence Dutton.

Absaroka Sequence - A sequence of Permian-Pennsylvanian sediments bounded by both above and below by a regional unconformity and recording an episode of marine transgression over an eroded surface, full flood level of inundation, and regression from the craton.

Abyssal plains – Broad and very flat submarine plains of the ocean covered with a layer of pelagic (deep sea) sediment between the depths of 3 km to 5 km.

Acadian Orogeny - An episode of mountain building in the northern Appalachians during the Devonian Period.

Acanthodians - The earliest known vertebrates(fishes) with a movable, well-developed lower jaw, or mandible; hence, the first jawed fishes.

Accommodation zones – A region where two rift segments interact and connect containing complex deformation from strike slip, dip slip and oblique slip faulting.

Accretionary prism or accretionary wedge – the accumulation of slivers of oceanic crust and mantle from thrusting and deformation resulting from plate convergence.

Accretionary terrane - A block of continetal crust having fault boundaries that is geologically distict from surrounding terranes.

Achondrites – a class of meteorite known as stones (made up of silicate minerals) that do not contain chondrites (nearly spherical silicate inclusions between 1.0 & 3.0 in diameter.)





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